Small Businesses Rebound With Software and Automation; Should Social Giants Pay for News Links? How FUBU Won the Streets + More

On CNBC, I'm getting more earnings reports from the types of companies that give me signals about what's really going on with spending, from small businesses to global governments. On top of that, a controversial plan to bolster news organizations in the social media era got the spotlight. So the theme of the week is Road to Recovery:


Steer Internet Giants Into News Payments? On the Other Hand

Should more countries force FacebookGoogle and other Internet giants to pay for links to news content? I argued both sides in this week’s installment of On the Other Hand:


Course Correction: Intuit CEO Says Small Business Recovery is Underway

Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi joined me after an earnings report and shared that while conditions remain challenging, small businesses and consumers are using tech to rebound:


Tech Acceleration: Pegasystems CEO on Post-COVID Transformation

Pegasystems founder and CEO Alan Trefler joined me and talked about which industries are recovering more strongly globally, which are lagging behind, and why software is a key ingredient:


Navigating Confidence: Appify CEO Jen Grant on Moving Beyond Comparisons

Appify CEO Jen Grant was chief marketing officer at cloud innovators Looker and Box before she stepped up to the top role at the startup. And as a girl, she learned some important lessons while trying to keep up with her older sister, who's now at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has a PhD in Astrophysics:


Clutch Marketing: Daymond John on How FUBU Got Cool

Daymond John started FUBU and was among those who wrote the playbook for urban fashion marketing. In this Fortt Knox archive conversation, he tells me how he did it: