New Era: Bezos Calls Up Jassy as Amazon CEO, Mark Cuban Speaks as Meme Stocks Cool, Upwork CEO Talks Purpose and Impact + More

The trading frenzy around GameStopAMC and a few other stocks cooled this week, and that got me reflecting on what's really changing (or not) in the world of investing. Meanwhile, a Fortt Knox regular will be the next CEO of Amazon, and the CEO of a company that enables flexibility talks the future of work. So the theme of the week is New Era:


New CEO at Amazon: Sign of a Top? On the Other Hand

Does Jeff Bezos handing the CEO reins to Andy Jassy of signal a top for Amazon? I argued both sides in the latest edition of On the Other Hand:


Andy Jassy on How He and Jeff Bezos Learned to Work Together

In an interview with Jassy five years ago, I asked him about his growth at Amazon, and how his relationship with Bezos evolved:


My Message for Individual Investors During the Reddit Rally

We've seen this movie before: In a market that's reached historic highs, individual investors start piling into trendy stocks. This is what I had to say about it at the beginning of a wild week:


Is the Era of Fundamentals Over? Mark Cuban on the Reddit Rally

Entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban had a somewhat different perspective when he joined me on CNBC this week. I cautioned that a company's fundamental performance still eventually matters to the stock price. He pushed back:


The New Way of Working: Upwork CEO Hayden Brown

Hayden Brown's parents moved the family to the foothills of the Himalayas for their non-profit work, where her mother helped local women pool money to start businesses. Her parents' efforts and worldview had a big impact on how she sees her mission as CEO of Upwork:


The Shoulders We Stand On: Black History Month

For Black History Month, CNBC has put together some short videos where we pay tribute to people who paved the way for us:

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