Good Talk: Free Speech vs. Social Rules, AMD CEO Eyes More Share Gains, Execs Share Survival Lessons & Startup Inspirations + More

It's a new year, but it seems there's some leftover 2020 business stalking us into 2021; whether it's about civil engagement or strategic plans, it seems like we could use a good talk. So Good Talk is the theme to start the year. Let's get to it:

Free Speech Violation or Rule Enforcement? On the Other Hand

President Trump is banned from Twitter and Facebook indefinitely, and his YouTube account is suspended. Is this long overdue rule enforcement or is big tech choking free speech? I argued both sides in 2021’s first On the Other Hand:

Articulating the Plan: AMD Looks to Keep Growing PC Share

It's the week of the Consumer Electronics Show, which is virtual this year. I talked to AMD CEO Lisa Su about how she plans to continue the company's three-year streak of market share expansion:

Talking Through It: OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea on Lessons from a Cancer Battle

Five hundred hours of chemotherapy bring a lot of time for reflection. OpenText CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea battled leukemia a few years ago, and through the experience gained some clarity on work and life priorities. He shared his experience with me on Fortt Knox:

Here's the full interview.

Put Up or Shut Up: GoodRX Co-CEO on Joining Startups, Founding Them

GoodRx Co-founder and Co-CEO Doug Hirsch had hit the dot-com equivalent of the jackpot: His curiosity and drive landed him jobs at pre-IPO Yahoo and pre-IPO Facebook. How did those experiences influence him to become an entrepreneur? We talked about it on Fortt Knox:

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

Outside of my day job, through my company, Fortt Media, I've created The Black Experience in America: The Course. Take some time this holiday weekend and go deeper into the Civil Rights Movement:

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