Bold Goals: Intel Intends to Build Its Way Back, Pandemic Hope for 401(k)s, Plotting the Future of Work, I Mic Up for the TDR Podcast +More

Difficult times can be fertile ground for major shifts. That's what new Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is plotting for the chip giant. Intel has missed a few steps over the past decade, particularly when it comes to chip manufacturing. That had industry watchers asking: Will Intel back away from investing in the chipmaking process and instead outsource it? Or will it continue to make its own chips? The answer is a bit of a surprise: Not only will Intel continue making its own chips, it will spend more than $20 billion and build chip fabs to make chips for outside customers.

Those aren't the only bold plans this week. I caught up with Fortt Knox alum Kevin Busque, to hear how Guideline is navigating the pandemic and helping employers offer better benefits to employees. I also spent a little time on the other side of the interview table once again, this time for The Diversity Remix podcast.

Intel's Fab Plan: Vacant or Visionary? On the Other Hand

Is Intel's $20 billion foundry bet a mistake? Or is it visionary? I argued both sides in the latest On the Other Hand:


Intel CEO Gelsigner Outlines Foundry Plan

Pat Gelsinger told me that by 2025, Intel will be competing head-to-head with TSMC for the most lucrative deals:


Hybrid Work? Easier Said than Done: McKinsey's Susan Lund

Ahead of the CNBC @Work Summit on 3/30 (register here), I talked to McKinsey's Susan Lund about the firm's research into what the return to work will look like:


Leading MondoDB: How Dev Ittycheria Became CEO

How did Dev Ittycheria end up leading MongoDB? It impressed him from afar as an investor, and intrigued him up close when he saw the challenge and potential. He shared his thought process in this Fortt Knox archive conversation:


Planning Ahead: Guideline's Busque on Pandemic 401(k) Growth

Many of those fortunate enough to stay employed during the pandemic also managed to save for the future. That's what Guideline CEO Kevin Busque is trying to simplify:


Courage or Cringe? Culture, Crypto and Comics on The Diversity Remix Podcast

I got to have fun (and deep) conversation with Jesus Chavez and Charlie Echeverry. We talked race, economics, NFTs and culture shifts:


Many readers of this newsletter will be familiar by now with my latest project: The Black Experience in America: The Course. I designed it last year after the tragic killing of George Floyd, and I'm building out an online learning experience based on the content.

The students and alumni of my alma mater, DePauw University, gained access to the course material this month. I'm looking forward to more collaborations that lead us to a deeper understanding of this moment in history, the ideas that got us here and the work to move forward.

If you're interested in exploring the same material, a bundle of three lessons is available for purchase here for $12.