New Intelligence for New Realities: Samsara, Microsoft and Sequoia

Sanjit Biswas of Samsara, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Pat Grady of Sequoia Capital

I hope everyone is having a reflective September 11, honoring the fallen, celebrating resilience, and recommitting to the values that would eliminate such tragedies.

This week was really unusual in that I was able to boost my mega-scale cloud learning quickly. Last week I spoke with Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian. This week I spoke with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. And now I’m typing this on a Saturday afternoon, as I’m preparing to fly out to Seattle to sit down with Andy Jassy in his first major interview as Amazon CEO, a title Jeff Bezos handed over to him a few weeks ago.

I also got more granular insights. I expanded my Fortt Knox Deep Dive series this week by interviewing Pat Grady, a partner at storied Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. The idea behind the Fortt Knox Deep Dive is this: Sometimes I need to hear from subject matter experts, not just CEOs. And sometimes when I want to get smarter in a narrower area of tech, it helps to have veterans of that area in the conversation with me.

Earlier in my career, companies would offer me briefings on an important topic, then give me contact info for industry analysts who they believed were well versed. I would do the technical call, then call analysts to get their thoughts. But we all have to rethink the way we work, right? And it occurred to me that the old way was really inefficient; I had to make two calls, and I couldn’t get the analyst’s thoughts and questions while I had the company expert with me. So I decided to blend the two: Set up a briefing call with the company and invite analysts or journalists to join me. This time, veteran journalist Connie Loizos, who has covered venture capital since we worked together at the San Jose Mercury News more than 15 years ago, joined me.

Also coming up in the next week: Look out for a new weekly segment from me on CNBC’s Power Lunch. I won’t say too much about it yet, but I’m excited to see more of the best of Fortt Knox coming to TV.

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