Is the Stock Market Risk Party Ending?

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The most important thing in tech today is …

a woozy coal-mine canary called Dogecoin. It’s a cryptocurrency named after a dog, and it was a joke until speculators started taking it seriously. In the past week, its value has crashed 40% to around $.19. Its journey throughout the spring is even more dramatic; on May 7 it was worth $.74.

Now, I’m not saying that this marks the end of Doge’s run; it could double in value tomorrow. But it’s notable that, in a week when China’s cracking down on Bitcoin mining, Doge is face-planting twice as hard as Bitcoin.

What does this have to do with tech?

A big part of the market, including quite a few tech stocks, has been caught up in a betting bonanza for a couple of years now. First came Tesla, then a bunch of lower-quality electric vehicle pipe dreams that traders started betting on, in hopes of getting rich. First came Bitcoin and Ethereum, then a bunch of lower-quality coins that traders started betting on, in hopes of getting rich.

Meanwhile, headlines this past week suggested that the Federal Reserve’s punch bowl of easy money might not be out for much longer, and China’s crypto crackdown is intensifying.

I’m taking this Doge dump as another warning light flashing on the trading dashboard. Maybe it’s just a hiccup. Or maybe it’s a sign of sobriety creeping back into a raging market.

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